A Brief History of New Poquoson and Charles Parish

An Historical and Archaeological Overview of the 17th and 18th c Glebe Houses and Churches of  Charles Church,

New Poquoson Parish. Notes on unique artifacts found.

Fully Illustrated with color photographs. 2006.


An Introduction to English Country Dancing

This book offers Readers a deeper appreciation of English Country Dancing.  Topics covered include: history of this form of dance, style notes, sheet music, and instructions for several 17th and 18th century dances. Fully illustrated with many period images. 2012.


The First Fusion Cuisine

What the English at Jamestown learned from the Native Peoples about Food - and how this evolves into the first American Fusion Cuisine. Fully illustrated Guide to 17th c English Foodways in Virginia with Period Recipes, Modern Redactions, Healthy Substitutions and Nutritional Information. Planned for Late 2017.


Life and Works of Henry Spelman

A Primary Source Account of a 14 year old literate English Boy who arrived in Virginia in the Third Supply. He served as an assistant to Captain John Smith as he mapped the Chesapeake Bay, and lived with the Native Peoples for two years writing about their life and language. His works are the earliest and most comprehensive collection of native words.  He marries a "sister of Pocahontas" and acts as an Ambassador for peaceable trade between the English and Powhatan peoples. Fully illustrated with color photographs. Planned for: Late 2017.


What Happened to Virginia Clergy after the Revolution?

In Service to the Church of England, Virginia Clergy found themselves homeless and unemployed after the American Revolution. This work will include Biographies of Tidewater Clergy before, during and after the Revolutionary War.

Planned for: 2018/2019.


Primary Source Accounts of the first Africans in Virginia

Planned for 2019.


Cooking in 17th Century Virginia - Private Youtube Channel with Video Tutorials: 2011-present

To Have And To Hold  - Independent Film set in 1620s Jamestown: 2011

Jamestown UnEarthed - Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip: 2007


Research, Archaeology, Mapping and Preservation of 17th century Tidewater Church Sites.

Early Modern English, "OP" Original Pronunciation, the Spoken Language of William Shakespeare's Plays

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