Cheese Making from a 17th century Recipe

   Richard and Marye Bucke were given 750 acres of farm land at "the Glebe" as their compensation from the Virginia Company.

At that time most Virginia households had goats and chickens. Records state that they also owned several cows in the early 1620s, making them one of the first families to own cows in the New World. Animal protein from these animals was crucial, and preserving the eggs and milk was a daily task. 


   Making cheese from animal milk is the best way to increase the shelf life of the animal milk and would have been done every day that there were milkable animals. 

   Cheese Making Demonstrations can be brought to your location. This can be done outdoors over an open fire, or inside in a classroom/ party setting. Why not treat your Guests to the unique experience of watching cheese made from an ancient recipe and getting a real taste of the past!

Garden Distilling

   Watch as Garden Botanicals are turned into fragrant aromas with this Garden Distilling Demonstration.


   In the days before indoor plumbing and regular bathing, fragrant botanicals were distilled for cosmetic purposes. Most every garden flower can be distilled and turned into "sweet water." These sweet waters were applied to the skin and hair to help people feel clean.

   Witness the mesmerizing blend of art and science  - while enjoying the enchanting fragrance!

   Garden Distilling Demonstrations can be brought to your location. This can be done outdoors over a small fire, or inside in a classroom setting. 

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